SpicyCandyDC: The Golden Globes 2010

The Golden Globes 2010

on Jan 18, 2010
Awards season has begun and today we have Neo from The Neo's list as a guest contributor for our blog to give you guys the best reviews of the outfits on the red carpet. Here are his picks! Enjoy- C&K
Awards season has started and I can truly say the best part of the Golden Globes was The Red Carpet prior to start of the show. As usual, The Golden Globes is basically TV actors trying to feel like movie actors while the movie actors look awkward as they are surrounded by possible Reality TV characters. Check out my picks for Best and Worst Dressed List.
Top 5 Best Dressed:

1) Kate Hudson
2) Marion Cotillard
3) Halle Berry
4) Penelope Cruz
5) Gabourney Sidibe

Top 5 Worst Dressed:
1) Zoe Saldana...she looks like a piƱata
2) Mariah Carey...tatas on the ground, tatas on the ground
3) Julia Roberts...did she forget its an award show?
4) Sandra Bullock...where's the QuinceaƱera
5) Cher...Mortitia Adams

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