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on Jan 13, 2010
One of our favorite spots to get away and get inspired is a Borders we have been coming to since we were 16...and it never gets old. We pick out piles of mags & books and find a cozy little corner where we get lost for hours on end. Today was no exception! Usually nobody bothers us, but today we encountered a very "interesting" character who's mission was to interrupt our reading and photo session any chance she got. It was actually pretty hilarious ;)
Katya's reading picks: Jane Eyre (one of my favorite classics!) and photo mags (gotta improve the skills)
Carlis' reading picks: Elle (for latest trends of course) & When China Rules the World (hummm do we need to relocate soon?)
***A special thank you goes out to our friend, photographer, and illustrator Bidkart Malespin for creating our new logo...hope you love it as much as we do!***
Enjoy the "read"...
xoxo C&K
Wearing a vintage blazer (see my treasure box below), H&M blouse, Forever21 jeans, Steve Madden combat boots, and accessories (F21 ring, Urban Outfitters wrap bracelet, cross bracelet made in Bolivia)
Wearing Forever21 wool dress, vintage blazer, Forever21 shoes, random accessories
As we all know, the earthquake in Haiti has claimed thousands of innocent lives of men, women, and children (and animals). We have already donated to the Red Cross...please helps us spread the love and help with anything you can! <3


LoliTa said...

LOVE that pink jacket!


xoxo Kellz* said...

aww dats so cute that u all go to borders ...n u all look so chic at that:)