SpicyCandyDC: Two Sailors

Two Sailors

on Jan 25, 2010
Here is part two of our mini photoshoot :) It was so much fun "playing & posing" a little. We were so excited to have Bidkart to take our photos because we rarely get a chance to take them together, so we definitely took advantage of his skillzz! He went a step further and even put an artistic spin on some of them. Check out his color work below....so much fun!
PS: You will probably call BS on us...but the outfits were NOT planned :) Yes we know...hard to believe but we've been around each other so much lately that our brain waves probably mixed in with one another. hah! It was a true "sailor" moment & we got a chance to show off our navy vintage blazers.
Wearing: Adriano Godschmied (AG) jeans, vintage blazer, Forever21 cropped top & necklace, and my favorite pair of Steve Madden boots


Wearing: Vintage Blazer, Forever21 black and white stripe top, black shoes and black mini, Versace Shades


Persian Beauty aka Sal said...
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Persian Beauty aka Sal said...

These pics are amazing...such creativity in so many aspects. The outfits are to die for...the photography is insane...and to top it all off...there are two fashionistas displaying in all these pics. Hawtttt!

M&E said...

aaaaaaaaaaah <3

adore the sailor-style!!
..nice blog dear ^_^


Anonymous said...

Love the outfits girls!

Katya said...

Thank you ladies!! WE are sooo diggin' the sailor look...makes you want to sail away on a yacht to some mediterenean heaven :)

Teresa said...

I can never get enough stripes!! You two look fabulous!!


Chicisimo said...

It was a great photoshoot! You did a great and professional job!! ANd the outfits are cute and so trendy!!