SpicyCandyDC: Carlis' Current Obsessions

Carlis' Current Obsessions

on Feb 1, 2010

( Forever21: Faux leopard jacket, black leather jacket, black combat boots, black side ziper pumps, steve madden brown peep toe booties, Marc Jacobs" LOLA" perfume, My cute dog! LOLA)

Hello everybody! So yeah its another cold winter day in D.C ;( To make my self feel better I went and got some cheap vino and decided to share with you my fav current obsessions. Above are the items I love and cant live without...including my dog, LOLA! lol...and below is my desk and what it looks like when I'm trying to find inspiration. I also had to squeeze in one of my main muses in fashion, Mary Kate Olsen, yeah I love her style as much as I love icecream and trust me when I say "that's a LOT of love!" ;)

Current Favorite Song: Fiona Apple fet David Costello- I want you


Current Mood: Missing the BFF and partner in fashion. If you all are wondering where she is, well she is currently frying her very attractive brain while studying for a very important test! She will be back with a killer outfit post very soon! ;)
Ps: currently obsessed with black and white photography and smoke! as you can tell!

My Crazy Desk!


My Muse!



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