SpicyCandyDC: By a Beautiful Bridge

By a Beautiful Bridge

on Mar 21, 2010

Our Saturday afternoon consisted of nothing but sunshine on our face, great food (including one of our favorite appetizers at Sequoia "Maine Mussels in cocunut curry broth" - yum), margaritas while people watching at the Georgetown waterfront, and a walk in the new park by the Potomac where we discovered some really cool things like the "all weather journal" (see below), a view of one of many beautiful DC bridges, and some cool street art.  The sun was low and our spirits were high!  Not sure if it was a full day of sunshine, or just watching the world come alive after a long, cold winter...but everything about our Saturday afternoon was just warm & wonderful.  Hope this beautiful weather sticks around...I think we deserve it :)  Hope all of you had a chance to enjoy your weekend!
Ok time to go watch Life on Discovery...truly amazing!!!!




Wearing:  forever21 white cami, black lace up oxfords, urban outfitters pink cardi, & cream leggings




Wearing:  Vintage gray blazer, Disney T-shirt, vintage Levis jean shorts, and Forver21 booties & shades


We had to leave some SC love in the "all weather journal" - a really cool idea for a park bench :)

The Potomac has some pretty amazing views...don't you think?!


Grace said...

Hey guys love the white dress and the mickey shirt! They are hot, hot, hot! Glad you guys enjoyed the weather. Keep on blogging! I am following ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Honestly, the two of you are far too fabulous! I adore your lace leggings, Carlis; and Katya...your Minnie cropped top is divine! Loving both of your style!! :)

K8 said...

love the white lace tights with the white dress...so springy. And after a long winter of black tights, white is so refreshing.

Fashion X K8.blogspot

Maria said...

LOVE the lace tights...perfection!

xoxo Maria

Spicy Candy said...

Thanks ladies!! yeah i love my little white lace tights and your are right K8, def refreshing after wearing so much black during a long, long winter! ;) YAY FOR SPRING AND FLOWERS! <3

Mitzi Cocoa said...

Really cute looks! I love the white lace tights with the pink cardi.

Sammy Davis said...

Questions!! So many questions!

Carlis, where are the lace leggings from? I try not to buy "new" things to keep with my platform of sustainable style (well, I buy new socks and underwear, ha!) but I MUST have these!

Katya, the Minnie Mouse shirt is divine. Is it vintage? Usually I find Minnie/Mickey Mouse stuff that's like, an XXL that your grandmother wore as a nightie. This is a killer find if it is vintage. It looks like it may have been a kid size and some girl happily wore it in Disneyworld circa '93.