SpicyCandyDC: Gone to Ukraine

Gone to Ukraine

on Jul 16, 2010
Well lovelies, it is THAT time!  I'm a heading out to the airport in just a few hours - in a super cute outfit of course ;)  I am planning to document every single moment of my trip to the "Motherland" (ok maybe not EVERY moment, but definitely all the ones I know you will love).  Ukraine is a beautiful country with so much to offer, and I can only hope to share at least a little of it with you.  Please join me as I travel to Krimea, Ukraine and stay tunned for my posts in the upcoming weeks.  Happy Friday!!!


My hometown in Ukraine - Gurzuf, Krimea (on the Black Sea)


I can not wait to be in this water for two weeks straigh...I am strongly considering never coming back :)


Found this really cool spin on Matryoshka dolls from Vogue!  Russian Dolls are just as popular in Ukraine...and make for great "return home" gifts :)  Now we can only hope I can find these particular ones for Carlis!

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