SpicyCandyDC: Layers


on Dec 19, 2011
Quick post from our Sunday morning venture to Old Town for a fun project we're working on right now.  Old Town is definitely one of our favorite VA neighborhoods where you can find great vintage, antiques, yummy restaurants, and other fun shops.  It's definitely a quiet neighborhood, but it's absolutely charming!
We both decided to layer a lot that morning because the weather is getting really cold so we opted for cozy, comfi outfits!
Happy Monday!
Jacket:  Hazel (from Nordstrom)
Cardigan:  Michael Kors
Tights/Ring/Hat: Forever21
Boots: Report
Scarf and Sunnies: H&M
Purse: Nine West
Getting dressed early on a Sunday morning is never fun, and having a bad hair day on top of that is even worst.  So, when happens, you will see me rocking a hat.  The cold weather definitely made me bundle up, but I still like to spice up my layers by throwing in a fun printed scarf and/or bag.
Jacket & Jeans:  H&M
Sweater:  Elizabeth and James
Scarf:  American Apparel
Boots:  Steve Madden
Sunnies:  Ray Ban
Purse: Vintage
Ok so it's probably very clear by now that my 'go to' color combination is red, white, and black.  I realize that I probably should stay away from those three colors for a little while, but it's just so nice and safe ... and we all know that sometimes all you want is to be in the safe zone :)   I have also been wearing a lot of high heels lately, so these Steve Madden boots definitely gave my tired feet the much needed break.


Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

You guys look amazing! Love the red denim & jacket very cool! The knee high boots are also nice..

Elizabeth said...

Love the boots on both of you girls! Amazing!

Aubrey and Melissa said...

Love the elephant ring and the striped scarf. Lovely ladies:)