SpicyCandyDC: Our New Look + Two-year Anniversary

Our New Look + Two-year Anniversary

on Jan 14, 2012
Dear friends & readers, today's post is a little bit different from our usual "outfit or inspiration" posts, but it is very close to our hearts for two very special reasons.

1. As you probably already noticed, we updated our logo with a look that we feel truly embodies the essence of SpicyCandyDC, and we hope you love our new and stylish "outfit" as much as we do! We were very fortunate to work on this project with our good friend, and probably one of the most talented and professional people we know, Mike Matera of Simplxity. Mike's simple process of helping us understand who we are as a brand and where we want to go from here was insightful, exciting, and just plain ol' cool! When we decided to work with him on these updates we knew we wanted to take our brand to the next level, but never did we expect for this process to be so eye-opening and fun. So we want to use this opportunity to extend a special Thank You for all of the hard work that went into creating this new look and for our awesome Portfolio (we'll be happy to provide our portfolio/media kit to those interested in working with us - see our contact page for details).

2. Aside from these exciting changes to our blog's look and feel, today we are also celebrating our Two-year Anniversary...yay! Sometimes it's hard to believe that it has been that long since the first day we decided to embark on this creative journey. No words can describe how proud we are of how far we've come, how much we've accomplished, and where we are headed in this new year. So thank you for reading our blog, for all of your sweet comments, and for encouraging us to continue doing what we love most. We hope that you find inspiration in what we do as well, because that truly is our biggest gift!


PS: We are super excited to celebrate with our DC family later this afternoon at our b-day brunch!!! There is nothing better than the combination of a yummy Mexican feast, fun DJ tunes by our friend DJ Napoleon Enrique, and our most fabulous friends and bloggers all in one place! We can't wait to see you all there!


Steven said...

I love this! Your new look is almost as amazing as you two :) xoxo

major said...

Congrats!!! I <3 you ladies . The look is wonderful!!!!



Aubrey and Melissa said...

Congrats ladies:) Two years is a special thing. The new look is amazing!

casiemace said...

I LOOOOOOVE leather jacket!!!!!! Where is it from??