SpicyCandyDC: Elle Magazine Feature

Elle Magazine Feature

on Feb 12, 2012

Last photo (and a sweet dedicated post) courtesy of TPWP

We know this post is a few days late since the issue hit newsstands on the 9th, but there truly are no words to describe how excited and honored we are to be featured in the March issue of Elle Magazine!!!  Thank you Elle for recognizing that DC truly has style and for picking us and the fabulous Linda of NomNomBlingBling to represent our lovely city!  #dreamcometrue

On a side note, we've been covering NYFW these past few days so definitely follow our twitter and instagram for up-to-the-minute photos of the shows and other fun updates.



Lynzy said...

OMG so amazing. Congrats ladies! SO mad I missed you while I was in NYC. We need to see each other again SOON! :)


LBVie Ashley said...

So incredible! Very excited for you girls! The pictures look awesome! :) xoxo

Pich and Roor said...

CONGRATS you two!! So awesome, & I can't wait to hear ALL about NYFW :)

J.Jehanne said...

Congrats again and you guys deserve it and LOOK FABULOUS......


Adora said...

Congrats my beauties! So proud of you both!!!!<3

Virgogb1 said...

Congrats loves! This is a big achievement!

Vivi said...

Gotta say it again: CONGRATULATIONS! I have the issue at home so I can't wait to read what it has to say bout DC and style. Hopefully, all things positive!