SpicyCandyDC: Instagram Weekly Remix

Instagram Weekly Remix

on Feb 6, 2012
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1.  Say Hello to half of Vice As If, beautiful Genevia! ;)
2.  Yummy drinks at Kushi
3.  Sweet Allix aka our hot bodyguard lol
4.  Fortune :)
5.  Joe's Shanghai (best dumplings ever!)
6.  NYFW is just 4 days away
7.  YumHouse-Made Donuts from Mad Fox Brewing Company
8.  Mad Fox Brewing Company
9.  A little preview of the LPM V-Day Loobook 


LBVie Ashley said...

This post is not helping my diet! hehe. <3 you girls - looks like a really fun week :)

La Petite Marmoset said...

I think I have diabetes now from all those sweets! Lol--- those dumplings look DEE-LISH :)

Allix said...

Any time ladies, any time ;-)