SpicyCandyDC: Barn-Chic


on May 8, 2012
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Aldo
Ring: Forever21
First I was going to wear this adorable short dress, but after remembering that I had something even more "Barn Chic" (the theme of this past weekend's wedding), I chose this look instead. I love the back of this dress and the romantic pattern -- vintage dresses truly are a dream, aren't they?  When I found it at one of my favorite  thrift stores, I wasn't sure if this beautiful thing was going to fit me since the waist part is very small and back in the day they did not believe in "stretchy fabric", but it magically did and I was overly excited when I zipped it up lol.  To make it a little less dressy, I wore it with nothing but a statement white ring and low brown wedges ;)

Dress:  Ann Taylor
Shoes:  Zara
Earrings:  She's Unique
Ring:  Forever21
Ok so truthfully I never really wear girly, flirty, or lady-like dresses...especially the ones with a little "puff" in them -- never, BUT when I tried this one on just for fun while looking for something barn-chic, I fell in love.  Probably more so with the color combination and pattern than the cut, but either way, it made me feel very girly and cute and I just couldn't resist.  Should I embrace this more flirty side of Katya?? What do you all think? lol.  Anyway, I paired it up with my new nude Zara shoes (love that clear heel), and a few fun accessories to bring out that beautiful red color.  We hope this Barn-Chic trend takes off and thanks to our fabulous groomsmen Mike & Anthony aka "Manthony", it might just happen! ;)


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Lauren said...

what great dresses!!!