SpicyCandyDC: Change is in the air...

Change is in the air...

on Sep 12, 2012
Jeans: Page
Jean top: DIY (I bought this shirt from Savers and ended up cutting off the sleeves to make it a vest rather than a shirt)
Cropped top:  American Apparel
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff similar here
Boots: Loeffler Randall
Sunnies: RayBan
Necklace: Gifted from Violet Boutique
Here is a quick look from yesterday afternoon. It was my first day off in like a week so I made sure to make the most of it. The best part was enjoying a fun picnic with my little Mimi at the beautiful Carlyle park here in Old Town, followed by some much needed shopping at Trader Joe's (ohhh how I love their flower and wine isles hah!). I finished the day with a visit to PR at Partners salon in McLean to see my fabulous hair stylist Richard.  Not only is he handsome as hell, but he's also amazing with his hands (oh wait that sounded dirty...but you know what I mean) lol. I must confess, I did go a little darker than the usual blond I'm known for, but I think you can still technically call me one. He did a great job giving me something a little different and a little more rich for the fall, without going crazy on me. I'm very sensitive when it comes to hair color/cut changes and will cry in the chair if you do something off-the-wall (I have done it before) so the safer side in me opted out for a subtle change rather than something drastic (although that thought did cross my mind at one point). My life has done a 180 this past year (I won't go into detail in this post), but a complete makeover transformation would have been very reflective of how I feel on the inside. Maybe next time I'll be daring enough for all that, but for now I'll just enjoy my new, fresh look for the fall. As most of you know, I've just let my hair do its own wild thing this whole summer, so now it's time for a more sleek, chic me! ;)



Crishana said...

Great post Katya and enjoyed living vicariously through you on your day off yesterday.

Katya said...

Thank you Crishana ... I really enjoyed it -- and the weather has been incredible so that helped ;)

janet said...

LOVE the page denim! Camo look is so in this fall :) GREAT look
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TPWP said...

I think this is in my top 3 favorite posts you have ever done. I love your outfit and the photos are great! Wonderful job to you and your mystery photographer ;)
p.s. Can't wait to see your hair!

carolina fuentes said...

your pants are super cool!

El blog de Monse

El blog de Monse

El blog de Monse

Katya said...

Aww thank you (Carla/Marshall?) hehe. Photos were taken by Ale with her long range lens. We were happy with how the photos came out also...but it definitely means a lot coming from you :) xo

chicqua said...

This is so freaking cool!!love the look..Amazing style u got :)

www.marsvida.com said...

woo tpwp approves!! :)

Stacy Deaton said...

Love the jeans and I am obsessed with shoes! Super cute!