SpicyCandyDC: Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

on Dec 2, 2012
Blazer: Forever21 similar here
Pants: Forever21similar here
Tank: Trouve
Boots: Zara similar here
Bag: Balenciaga similar here
Earrings & Double Ring: Karla Deras Lapis of Luxury line for Roman Luxe (if local you can now shop the line at my store, She's Unique)

Vest: Worn Abroad you can get the same one HERE
Sweater: H&M
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Naya Gifted
Purse: Urban Outfitters
Sunnies: H&M
Bruschetta - crostini with tomatoes, caramelized onions, and ricotta! 
Our favorite pancakes in town, the Mascarpone Pancakes with Nutella honey... Oh my!
This weekend was one of those amazing weekends filled with a million memorable moments, fun times with old and new friends, lots of happenings, and some early Christmas gifts! So here are our weekend highlights that deserve mentioning in this outfit post:

1. The awesome new Nikon D3100 camera and 35mm lens we scored during Cyber Monday. We've been lusting over it for a while, so when we found it for $200 less than it usually costs, it was like Christmas came a month early! It's red, sexy, and takes awesome photos. Not sure you noticed the difference in the photos already, but we certainly do. There is still a lot to learn about it and all the settings, but so far, we're loving it! A big thank you to our photographer friend Marshall of TPWP for the rec and we're looking forward to some photo classes soon ;)

2. Our Bloggers Night Out on Friday at Recess Lounge for dinner and Shadow Room for dancing was Epic! At Recess, the Passionate Flower cocktail, Lomo Saltado (a popular Peruvian dish of steak and fries) and Camarones al Coco (coconut shrimp) tapas are a definite must try. We haven't been back since the tasting for their opening preview, but so glad we did. It was a perfect start to our evening.
And of course, Shadow Room 2.0 had us dancing til the wee hours of the night! We want to extend a special thank you to Steve for the VIP treatment and for the tour of the new space - the decor makes a huge difference and we're totally digging the new, sexy, chic feel of the space. I'm sure you can judge from this instagram pic of my shoe ending up next to the bottle of Belvedere, we had a little too much fun. Needless to say, we're already planning our next party at this sexy venue!

3. When we like something ... we really really like it. So when we got the invitation to come back and try out some more of our favorite brunch items at Lavagna, we couldn't pass it up. Everything about this little Italian gem of a restaurant and their brunch screams quality. The ingredients are fresh and come from local farms in the area (yes we like our eggs and we like them natural and cage free), the sausage is made in house, the mimosas are perfect and truly bottomless (with their attentive staff you will never see the bottom of your glass, we promise you that), and of course there is this yumminess called Mascarpone pancakes - literally mouth watering as I write this, they're that good. To top off an already perfect brunch, try their coffee. It's a delicious brew and we loved the cup it comes in - it's all in the details isn't it? We can't wait to go back already, but next time we're trying their dinner. Looking at this menu, we can already tell we'll love it just as much :)


Vivi N said...

So I definitely suck for missing the BNO at Recess and Shadow 2.0. Ugh. Saw some of the pictures on Twitter and it looked like it was a lot of fun.

It's cute how you guys always have something matching within your outfits. This time around: the color blue. Meanwhile, Carlis loving the sweater vest...with a hoodie, too! Sick.

Eat.Style.Play said...

I always miss these things I saw all of the pictures of the ladies out and having fun! Looks so fun!

Monica Garcia said...

Sooo bummed I missed you ladies this weekend but .......I must say .... I love the camera delivery , crisp photos ladies ..... I myself cant wait for the photography classes ( excitement ensues) ... As always you ladies look your best and brightest xx