SpicyCandyDC: Top 12 of 2012

Top 12 of 2012

on Dec 26, 2012
Katya's Top 6 Outfits of 2012

Looking back at all the outfits of the year put a huge smile on my face because each one of them brought me back to some moment, event, or just a fun experience we had while working on the post. The best part of what we do isn't the outfit itself, it's the creativity that goes into putting it together, photographing it, finding the perfect "spot", and all the other fun elements that go along with it. Last year I did a lot of prints (leopard probably being on the top of the list), skinny jeans (or pants), and a little pop of color here and there. This year, I'm craving a more basic, chic, clean-cut style. So expect to see me with more staple pieces, clean lines and cuts, and maybe a little more glam here and there! I'm also excited to experiment with new styles and trends that are hitting the streets in 2013 -- constantly recreating, experimenting, and continuing to discover what you feel most comfortable and fabulous in, is the best part of this ever-evolving thing we call personal style! 

Top 5 Personal Accomplishments:
  1. Paid off over $8000 in debt and did not use my credit cards at all -- this was the first year I've done that since I was 18!
  2. Did this little thing called "opening my own business" and now you know my secret ... I really LOVE jewelry and being my own boss
  3. Started work on my apartment -- the 200 year-old building needs a LOT of TLC, but it's getting there slowly but surely and I'm having a blast in the process!
  4. Took a vacation - five days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was exactly what the Doctor ordered after a long spring and summer of work work work and more work
  5. Let go of some old baggage (physical and emotional) and learned the importance of focusing on only positive relationships, people, and activities that make you feel empowered, strong, and full of life each and single day! 
Carlis' Top 6 Outfits of 2012

As I was going through our outfit posts album, I could not believe that one, another year has gone by, and two, how many times I've incorporated my leather pants into a lot of my outfits lol. I love brights so neon was HUGE this year in my wardrobe. As usual, vintage blazers are a staple in my closet and what would Carlis do without sunnies!? ;) I also noticed that I don't show much leg so expect to see more of that next year. I also plan to experiment more with hair styles and add a little sexiness to my usual casual looks - don't mind me if you see me with a mini skirt and a cropped top closer to March! :)

Top 5 Personal Accomplishments:
  1. I finally moved to H street area in DC back in June with my wonderful roommate, and just recently found my own place to move into...very excited! 
  2. I managed to finally balance my 9-5 job and my blogging career lol (it's def a lot harder than most people think it is) 
  3. I gave up my mini cooper when I move into the city, and I'm proud to say that I'm now an expert in public transportation
  4. Call me the event queen! I attend 3 to 5 events a week, but the downside, I'm addicted to goody bags! 
  5. I attended fashion week alone after three years of going w the BFF. I hate traveling by myself and sharing a seat with a stranger, but I somehow survived & realized that being a blogger without a partner is not as fun. I also realized that traveling alone is not as bad as I thought, just make sure your phone is fully charged for venting purposes! hahha ( see my NYFW recap HERE)
PS: You can click through each photo so it can take you to the actual outfit post! ;) got your favs? let us know. 


Waverly said...

Aww loved this post & all the great outfits!! It's fun getting to read about more personal aspects of your lives & a huge congrats to all your accomplishments :) Can't wait to enjoy my first meal of 2013 with you two <3

Eat.Style.Play said...

Soo such a cute post and you two together had some great accomplishment! Very good ones!

Sandra Salathe said...

OMG, I'm a bit late in discovering your fabulous blog but hey; better late than never. Every, single outfit in this post is drop, dead, incredible. I'm so happy I found you girls out!!

Ana Buitrago said...

such a great post, and congrats on the all the accomplishments. Happy New Years!!! XOXO

FashionableLena said...

To Katya-Congratulations on not using the credit card this year. Keep up the good work. Not having credit cards makes you very thoughtful in your purchases and how you spend your money. I don't miss it at all, and I haven't had a credit card since June 1996. But what amazes me is how people try to get you to get one. Keep doing what you're doing!

Morgan Fykes said...

you guys are such style mavens... i love it!!! I'm with you Katya, I haven't used my card all year but i'm impressed with eliminating $8000 in debt, i need some notes from you!!!! And Carlis you don't have to go to fashion week alone ever again!!!! but yeah if I ever started a new blog, I would totally be like you guys and have a PIC (partner in crime!!)... love you guys!!

Aubrey and Melissa said...

Beautiful ladies! Another fantastic year for you two. We look forward to what 2013 will bring!

jasmine. said...

...looking forward to what you ladies have in store for 2013!!