SpicyCandyDC: Bishop Boutique BTS

Bishop Boutique BTS

on May 9, 2013
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The W Salon doing what they do best! 
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It's always a pleasure working with Caroline, one of our Top look book photographers/Videographers
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Lights, Camera, Action! 
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Katelyn, Alison, Abbey and Bryarly  our super models for the day! ;) 
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Big THANK YOU to Monica and my amazing intern Britney Garcia for helping me out during the shoot! might of lost my mind without them lol
Here are some BTS photos I took at the latest lookbook I produced with the help of an amazing talented team! Making lookbooks is a lot of fun but there is always challenges you have to get trough to get the job done. I'm thankful we had a decent day to shoot outdoors, it wasn't terribly cold or terribly sunny, It rained towards the end but everyone kept a good attitude and we managed to capture some amazing shots!  The Bishop Boutique lookbook comes out later this month. If you live in Alexandria or have plans in visiting Old town soon, you gotta make sure you stop by Kelly's store!
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Carlene Thomas RD said...

I love the picnic by the water! It looks like you all are having a blast.

WorthyStyle said...

I know we all look forward to seeing the Bishop Boutique look book when it is finished! The girls look so cute, perfectly ready for summer!

Sahra said...

awww this looks like such absolute fun!

XO Sahra