SpicyCandyDC: BluePrint 3-Day Cleanse Review

BluePrint 3-Day Cleanse Review

on Jun 1, 2013
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Several of you have asked for my feedback on the 3-day BluePrint Cleanse I just finished yesterday, so here it is...

Carlis and I have been talking about doing it for a little while now so when I saw it on Gilt DC on sale, I decided to give it a try. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but have heard great things about it, so I was excited. The ordering process was easy, I went with the 3-day cleanse since a week seemed a little too extreme for my first time. The shipment came on time and in a cooler with ice packs so the juices were cold and ready to drink. What I loved the most about the whole experience is how easy it was. The numbered system keeps you on schedule and gives you structure which I really liked. You don't have to cook, you don't have to worry about what to eat, you simply drink the juice anytime you feel hungry and move on with your life. I actually found that I had a lot more free time because I wasn't cooking or having much of a social life. Yes, that was one of the down sides. Thoughts of happy hour, dinners, and my favorite meal of the day (breakfast) were haunting me the whole time. Also cravings. I had the most cravings on the first day (the hardest of the three days). All of a sudden thoughts of random junk foods like McD's chicken nuggets were popping up in my head for no reason. Things I would never want to eat on the regular all of a sudden were incredibly appealing. It's also hard to be on social media or watch TV. I knew all my friends on instagram were foodies but man was it hard to look at those three days. Like everywhere I turned there was someone posting something delicious online, so I tried to minimize my social media time which in a way was a little bit of cleanse as well. Oh and TV commercials... those are bad too because most of them are junk junk and more junk. I have been craving the mash potatoes and meatloaf Stoeffers ever since I watched a show on Wednesday and that commercial came on hahah.

But aside from those two challenges, the actual cleanse was super easy. I didn't feel hungry at all. And the juices are actually pretty delicious. I could see a few of them not being as popular as others (the green veggies #1 and the beet/carrot #5) but I love all fruit and veggies so I liked them all. Of course, the pineapple #2 and the cashew milk #6 were my favs. The cashew milk is like a dessert you have as a reward at the end of the day and it truly is heaven in your mouth. I'm actually seriously considering ordering that one just to have in the fridge for when I want something sweet. I'm not a huge sweets person, but this drink has just the right amount of sweet and nutritious all wrapped up in one! As far as how I feel??? I haven't felt this good in years...and that is the honest truth. I feel lighter (weight wise and just overall), more energized, clear, focused, and healthy. At first I thought it might be my mind playing tricks on me, but then quickly realized that I really do feel amazing! So, I highly recommend the cleanse. Yes it's a little pricey, but if you think about it, we spend so much money on food and alcohol all the time anyway so why not do something good for your body and challenge yourself a little? I must admit, it was really great to give my body a break from solid foods, alcohol, and toxins for three days. My next challenge will be a week and I can't wait!

A few of my personal tips:

- Do the cleanse during the week (Mon-Wed is a good example) and give your body a few days to recover before heading into weekend activities
- I also found it easier to do it now that is really hot. You don't get as hungry in hot weather (at least I don't)
- Do not make any social plans -- you will have to cancel them or suffer through it drinking your juice while others are sipping on Pinot Grigio
- Have a support system. Having my friends encourage me and check up on me was wonderful. A special thanks to Sara of High Fashion 4 Less ;)
- Have clear goals going into it. If you're only doing it for weight loss, this is probably not the way to go. But if you want to truly get rid of toxins and feel better in general, it's amazing. But the weight loss is a nice "side effect" :)
- Read the emails Blue Print sends and pay attention to the instructions. Prepping for the cleanse and coming off of it the right way is just as important as going through the process
- Enjoy it!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


The Esocialite said...

This is a really helpful review. Thanks
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Eat.Style.Play said...

I've been thinking about this too. they have it at wholefoods but I think it cost more to buy all that then it would to buy it online and have it shipped.