SpicyCandyDC: Tysons Galleria 25th Anniversary VIP Kickoff Experience

Tysons Galleria 25th Anniversary VIP Kickoff Experience

on Oct 5, 2013
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Last Tuesday Tysons Galleria kicked off their 25th anniversary by inviting a few of their fave bloggers including my self to an entire day of VIP treatment! The day was scheduled to start at 10 am and end at 4 pm. I had no idea what to expect as most events I've attended only lasted a few hours but NEVER almost an entire day. I was def in for a wonderful treat as Ashley of the Aba Agency got us all together at Saks Fifth Avenue to introduce us to our fist stop of the day. The Saks Fifth Avenue beauty bar! We had a great time learning about the new mauve ombre trend for the lips which I'm willing to try this fall. ;) 
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After learning about the hottest beauty trends this fall they took us to the Saks Fifth Avenue Salon! I had NO idea this amazing place existed but so happy I do now. We got treated to manicures. Le was the name of the nail technician I got. She was super nice and gave me an awesome manicure . I went with the color green since that's my fave color. 
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After manicures we visited DeBeers where we got to play with some amazing diamond rings. I never visit stores such as DeBeers since I'm not shopping for that special ring yet or have gotten invited to a fancy party where fancy jewelry is required however I'm happy I got the experience to play with such fabulous pieces all while drinking Bellini's and  tasting yummy pastries. 
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The adventure continued at Anne Fontaine, first time ever hearing from this designer and boy did I fell in love with a lot of her pieces. Her customized french collars are perfection and check out that cardigan. It's on my Christmas list for sure! 
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The next store to visit in our list was Michael Kors. We got to style fall outfits which meant we got to play with all the amazing merchandise Michael Kors offers. I fell in love with those black blooties and the Miranda bag. Their jewelry collection was also on point. 
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After walking around the mall for a few hours visiting all the wonderful stores, it was time for lunch! We went to Paul a new restaurant in the galleria, the food was amazing but can we talk about their desserts? If it was up to me I would of ate the entire tray! #dontjudge my sweet addiction. :) 
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After an amazing meal at Paul's we visited Karen Millen. They showed their favorite fall trends, I was swoon by their dress collection as well as their coats. That grey coat belongs to me! how perfect is it?. As we walked around the store we also enjoyed some yummy treats they had waiting for. Those cake pops were delicious! 
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Up next was time to check out Vilebrequin! this store was also new to me. They sell luxe swimwear and beachwear for men and toddlers! My favorite item was their water reactive shorts, check out video on how this work HERE! I plan to gift this to my nephews soon.  They  are currently showcasing their collaboration with  Where's Waldo and who does not like where's waldo! genius collaboration if you ask me. 
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After learning all about men and toddler's swimwear we stopped by one of my fave stores! Elie Tahari. I remember this being my hang out spot during lunch hours when I used to work close to Tyson's Galleria. As soon as we got there we got greeted by the wonderful staff who thought us all about the history of the company and proceeded in showing us their favorite fall/winter items. Each item is so well made and we could not help but to touch, feel and try everything that they showed us! 
After the wonderful presentation we were offered to have a customized sewn portrait completed by Michael-Birch Pierce who not too long ago was invited to The White House to show case his unique art work. I was so excited about this as I knew that it was going to go right into my new gallery wall at home. As we were wrapping up the staff at Elie Tahari had one more surprise for us! and when they revealed what that surprise was, I was literally in shock for a few minutes!  Elie Tahari requested that we all pick out a pair of our own shoes to take home as a gift! I mean REALLY!! best Karma EVER! we could not help but to run and hug each staff member! ;) I obviously picked the black booties above, Aren't they everything!! 
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Our last and final stop was at the beautiful Emporio Armani store. They greeted us with Armani chocolates and champagne! Such a great way to end a fun filled day. ;)  We also learned all about their fall/winer 2013 collection. They have some seriously amazing fur coats and winter gear. 

BIG Thank you to all the stores we visited and The Aba Agency for an amazing day full of surprises! 


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Fashionistamomma said...

I love Paul their macaroons are to die for. I am fashion blogger in DC area too actually I just moved here from Southern California. I would love some tips on great places to shop. :) love your blog and maybe I will see you one day at an event.