SpicyCandyDC: SCDC Get Fit: Off Road Indoor Cycling

SCDC Get Fit: Off Road Indoor Cycling

on Feb 20, 2014
The mood was set , Carlis & I trekked through the pre-snowstorm last Wednesday night to attend the indoor cycle core class held by the talented instructor Tali. Outside everyone driving home getting ready to be snowed & hibernate meanwhile we enter Off Road studio where you can feel the adrenaline from the boxing class taking place on the first floor. We head upstairs a little more hype to start to the sweat and settle in warming up the body. The studio and bikes are fresh! 

Aesthetics - wood floors , exposed brick wall  &  large windows overlooking U st which at the time was slowly being covered in light fluffy snow.
Indoor cycling is one of my favorite cross-training exercises to do. Cycling help strengthen the quads and glutes. Seriously, what other workout can you close your eye in and just ride , feel the music in your bloodstream and ride. 
Off Road, SCDC Get Fit 006

Tali has a specialty of crafting theme rides, consider her your instructor and the DJ!  This particular class was call “Stupid Cupid “with a heart pumping playlist that will make you want to stay off of your saddle. This ride was intense! We kicked it off with a fast, steep, hill. Then we held a steady working pace on flat. 

We gradually increased resistance, it got muddy. Picture yourself pedaling through mud, the push and pull you have to do to get out of it. Don’t think you have it in you, no worries Tali will help ramp you up. After a bit of easy pedaling, we attacked with a drifting game. So I start off peddling with ALL I got, I’m giving it 100% plus so that in the end, Carlis my partner swoops through and would be carried along by the currents of air. Let your imagination flow on that idea. We recover on a slow hill and 50 minutes were over just like that. I was left with a glow and legs like jello. Hell Yeah!

After the ride the class heads downstairs for the cool-down core work.  I must say it definitely felt good taking the core cycling class right before the snowstorm. It kept me on track with my training not to mention I felt pretty bad-ass.

Thanks Tali for the ride !

Off Road offers boxing,boot camp, yoga & TRX classes too. I will be back for that kick-ass boxing class I peeped while in session although it was pretty intimidating in a good way. It’s on my “ must conquer” list. 
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