SpicyCandyDC: Mix up your next #MiercolesDeMoscato!

Mix up your next #MiercolesDeMoscato!

on Jun 27, 2014

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I’m so excited to introduce you to seriously one of the best drinks of your lives! As most of you know I definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine. I like to try them all, whites, reds and of course moscato! Lately I’ve also been writing down my favorites and pairing them with some of my favorite dishes. This really helps me when I plan get together with friends.

Last Miercoles I invited a few of my mejores amigas to watch one of the soccer matches of El Mundial and of course I also took this chance to introduce them to the Gallo Family Vineyards Pink Moscato!
Everyone loved the sweet flavor which had notes of aromatic orange blossom! It really is the perfect summer drink. We had so much fun watching the game, screaming of excitement every time one of our favorite teams would score and of course enjoying the moscato one sip at a time. During half time, we played a game in which I made my girls guessed the price of the Pink Moscato bottle. Most of them gave me a price of $25 and up with $40 being the highest! BUT to their GREAT and my own surprise each bottle retails at only $5.00!!! I could not believe it myself- especially because of how good the actual drink tasted. We obviously took this occasion to do a big Chin Chin!! It was also the perfect occasion to make my friends aware that National Moscato Day is on May 9th. We will definitely be celebrating this day a bit more next year! Kind of sad that I did not know this before.
I also always love learning a bit more about brands that I truly love and Gallo Family Vineyards was definitely one I wanted to know more about. Brothers Ernest & Julio Gallo founded Gallo Family Vineyards in 1933 with the idea of creating high quality wines at an affordable price, a tradition we've continued for four generations. Gallo Family Vineyards is the proud producer of flavorful wines that celebrate the spirit of hardworking American families of shapes, sizes, and forms. The vast portfolio includes 16 fruit- forward wines.
GFV Moscato Portfolio

Overall it was an amazing afternoon in which all of my friends learned about a new wine I love. I look forward to throwing more parties in the future and of course trying all the different types of wines The Gallo Family Vineyards has to offer which includes the red moscato and the white mocato among other great choices. Make sure to also visit their website to try the pink moscato yourself and give them some love on their FP page, Twitter and Instagram.


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