SpicyCandyDC: El Camino Pop Up Vacay!

El Camino Pop Up Vacay!

on Jul 18, 2014

@elcaminotravel is hosting a midweek pop up vacay to a fresh water quarry 1.5 hours outside of Washington DC! What is a Pop Up Vacay? It is a 6 hour excuse to take a vacation, relax, and #yolo the hell out of life in the middle of the week. There are rope swings, floating docks, and a diving board. This place is magical. El Camino is offering Spicy Candy followers a $10 discount when you enter promo code "elcaminoSCDC". This code is valid until 7/20 11:59PM. ONLY 35 SPOTS AVAILABLE. Learn more at www.elcamino.travel/events. #elcaminotravel #ecpopupvacay

Happy Friday LOVES!!!

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