SpicyCandyDC: Get Fit: Cleanse your body , Clear your mind

Get Fit: Cleanse your body , Clear your mind

on Nov 14, 2014

Cleanse your body , clear your mind . That's the thought process I had once I started a reboot this past week. Post-marathon training I have a little issue , I'm STILL inhaling carbs like I am running 50 miles a week. But since my mileage has gone significantly low for this point in time I am not burning my oh-so-large appetite as I once was . I needed this I have been feeling sluggish, bloated and my sleep routine is all sorts of wack.
I needed to give my digestive system a break from working so hard on processing my large meals.
So I drank Alive Juices which are Ayurveda based juices for a day, a Friday to get my weekend on the right track. I got my juices at my doorstep and wah-lah a toolkit full of detoxification supporting tools.

Are you sneezing everywhere , having sugar cravings , can't get enough sleep. You might need a this lifestyle tool its a reset button.
Allergies - when you do a detox your allergies get better.

Difficulty Sleeping- more than likely means your liver is under stress. The liver is the main organ in the body for detoxifying chemicals , prescriptions medicine and alcohol.

Sugar cravings - a detox is not just about eliminating toxins , it also is about eliminating unhealthy behaviors. And because cleanses reduce your sugar and salt cravings, energy levels often skyrocket after a cleanse

Rashes- Skin is a reflection about whats happening inside, if you see rashes or itchy hives , your skins is telling you your body is inflamed. The nutrients from fresh juices are great for your skin, nails and hair

PMS symptoms- decrease your bloated and cranky bod.

While doing a juice cleanse , eat clean for the days before and after , try and build a routine .
Balance your body and boost your wellness. Your body is a self-healing machine feed your body and soul.

After my day top reboot I was back on track with all my goals, it's a lifestyle guys . Keep your goals high , stay healthy , fuel up !

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Disclosure:SCDC was not financially compensated for this post. We received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely our own based on our experience.

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