SpicyCandyDC: SCDC Travels: Staniel Cay

SCDC Travels: Staniel Cay

on Nov 19, 2014

We often have this image, the image and vision of the most perfect beach escape where there is only white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Yet we don't exactly know where that place is because we are overwhelmed by images of commercialized destinations and all-inclusive resorts. What if I told you I found this perfect place…because I did. About a month ago, through Natasha Oakley and A Bikini A Day, I discovered Staniel Rents - luxury villa rentals on Staniel Cay, Exuma Bahamas. When you think Bahamas you often think Nassau, Cruise Ships, and family resorts. What I didn’t know is that the Bahamas is made of 700 islands, cays, and islets. And Staniel Cay was, well an exotic new world, only a 2 ½ hour flight from DC. Staniel Rents offered the perfect getaway I needed before the holiday madness, and without thinking it twice, the bags were packed and I was on my way to swim with the pigs (that's all I talked about for a week straigh!) Getting to Staniel Cay isn't as difficult as I originally thought, but it does take a little more planning than a more tourist destination you're used to in the Caribbean. There are two ways to get there. You can either fly through Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport on Watermarkers Air or fly into Nassau and take another 30min flight on Flamingo Air into Staniel Cay (which is what we did). *A quick tip here - do NOT over pack! The airplanes are small (ours was a 10 seater) and you're only allowed somewhere around 50lbs. And even that is too much to bring. You will pretty much live in your bikini! After that short 30min flight over the most beautiful views, we arrived in paradise where golf carts were the means of transportation and people smiled just because. So here is the low down on everything else you need to know about Staniel Cay…your next vacation spot.
Luxury Villa- Lazy Bay
Where to Stay: Stay at the one of Staniel Rents’ three luxury villas. We stayed in their smaller villa, Lazy Bay but it wasn't by any means small. It comes equipped with everything you need and can easily sleep at least 5 people. And well the Farniente and Dolce Vita are simply a designer's dream! The owners and staff of Staniel Rents are also some of the best people you'll ever meet and they will take care of you in every sense of the word. Plus you'll get to meet Sam & Zoe, the brother/sister lab duo. You'll fall in love, I promise!
Untitled design (11)
Our favorite activities: Taking a boat day trip to the sand bar - long stretches of beautiful white sand and turquoise water - Going to Compass Cay and swimming with the nurse sharks (don’t worry they don’t bite). You can also grab Kaliko beers and grilled burgers while you're there - Feeding the hungry pigs on Pig Island - it's definitely one of those experiences you will never forget, who knew wild swimming pigs existed??? - Feeding the iguanas on iguana island - Exploring Staniel Cay on our golf cart and spending the day on Pirate Beach - We didn't have time to experience the Grotto (where James Bond was filmed) but it's definitely on our to do list for next time
What to know: All Staniel Rents Villas are equipped with water sport activities like Kayaks, Jet Skis, Paddle Boards, Snorkeling Gear, and a small boat (like I said, you'll be taken care of!) - Be nice to the locals, they are the island’s treasure and the biggest smiles we've seen in a while - This is not a party island so don't pack your four inch heels, there is no place to wear them - Always carry cash, there are no ATMs on the island and you will get charged extra for using your CC - Go to the Yacht Club - the only place you can go to mingle with the locals, get your favorite cocktail and fresh catch of the day. I highly recommend their Pina Colada, best you’ll ever have - Staniel Cay is for those who want to leave the ordinary and get lost in the extraordinary - it is the true definition of real island life where time moves slower and you forget about the world! It is now my top beach destination and a vacation I hightly recommend to all of you! For more photos of the trip, visit our IG and for more info, don't hesitate to ask questions. I could talk about Staniel for days!!!

A MUST see VIDEO! Trust ME.

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Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Staniel Cay. All opinions are my own.


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