SpicyCandyDC: Events: Georgetown Blogger Crawl

Events: Georgetown Blogger Crawl

on Dec 23, 2014

The Georgetown Blogger Crawl (#GTBloggerCrawl) came just in time for the holidays.  We had the privilege last week of attending another amazing Blogger Crawl put on by NeuProfile and SCDC Agency.  This time was a little different, starting earlier in the day at the wonderful recently opened Dog Tag Bakery.  As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the place but when you hear the amazing story you fall even harder.  They are an organization founded in 2012, that provides a new model for work-study program that supports veterans with disabilities and spouses.  The name was chosen because dog tags are universal across all branches of service. The bakery serves as a place for veterans to come and put into practice the skills they learn in collaboration with Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, who developed a specialized certification degree in 2013 and had it's first class of fellows in June 2014.  It was the perfect match for Jessica of The Dining Traveler who loves food and served!! Everything there was delicious and the wonderful story behind it is icing on the cake!

Our second location was Luigi Parasmo Salon which has become even more amazing with the addition of the second floor spa.  Now in addition to a great hairstyle, you can nails, make up or your brows waxed.  This location was the stop of choice for Kara of Politics of Pretty.  I have always been a big fan of Mr. Luigi because he is always so warm and welcoming and that comes though in the warmth of his space and staff!!  Definitely will be back spend some quality time in those delightful pedicure chairs but for the crawl everyone was able to get a festive braid or do and some cute nails!

While half the group was there, others spent time in the adorable Egg by Susan Lazar.  I now know where I will be doing all my shopping for my future (but currently non existent, calm down this is no announcement) child.  Susan Lazar had success in the early 90s with a contemporary women's clothing line but in 2003 she decided to launch an affordable luxury brand for babies and children.  She chose the name egg because "All eggs might look the same on the outside, but inside lays infinite possibilities." This location was a great match for experience mom Angelica of Clarendon Moms and Mommy-to-be Tammy of A Loyal Love.

Next was the always fun Reddz Trading second home in Georgetown.  Reddz first store is still located in Bethesda and both store offer a wonderful, ever changing selection of gently worn fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories.  They offer cash or trade in for your items and in a city like DC that is full of people who cannot be seen in the same look twice, this is a great solution!!  Meaning you can get some great pieces that have only been worn a few times (or sometimes they are still new)!!  What better place to play dress up than a treasure chest of quality finds which is why Abbey of District Dress Up was the perfect match.

After we headed to CB2 which was a beautiful store that I had not visited before.  CB2 is basically the hipster sister to Crate and Barrel and first opened in 2000.  It is " affordable modern for apartment, loft, home" which means I loved everything in there and wanted to take it home.  If you need inspiration just go stand in the store for a while and you will begin re-imagining your apartment and how it can greater.  It was a great match for the decorating expertise of Sara of the Style MBA.

New to the crawl this round were a couple of Gents and our next stop was at Jack Spade for Chris of Off the Cuff DC.  Jack Spade is the brother store of Kate Spade and comes from the idea that "useful products could also be stylish".  It is a great place to find a great gift for any guy in your life from the highly fashionable to the fashionably bankrupt (as in your dad that occasionally needs editing - yes I'm talking about you dad, no being color blind is not an excuse!!).

Our next stop was American Holiday, another store I had not had the pleasure of visiting before.  Another great home store, being in American Holiday made me want to go buy a house and decorate it with the all the wonderful wares in the store.  I cannot wait to frame the print of DC that they gave us!! If I was E from District of Chic, I would have a hard time deciding which item I loved most in the store.

What can be said about our next store other than it is an American classic!!  Dr. Martens is a brand that has survived the test of time.  A favorite of many when I was growing up, they have stayed true to their brand which has made them a brand that exists almost beyond trends to being timeless.  Their style was a great fit for Carlis of Spicy Candy DC who I know will rock out in her new Oxblood boots!

Next we moved on to the Kate Spade Saturday Store.  The store is adorable and fun and captures the spririt of the name.  It's called Saturday because they are "bringing weekend spirit to every day of the week with good, easygoing style and a sense of spontaneity".  Adorable fun items decorate the store but the details definitely add to the experience, such as the dressing room which has call buttons labeled "Whatever you need, girl!".   Definitely was the perfect fun fit for Lacey of A Lacey Perspective.  Saturday's tag line sounds like it could have jumped right off of Lacey's blog!

The final store, was certainly not the least and like the rest had a really interesting and great story!  Ike Behar is an American brand with an amazing history.  Ike's son Lawarence came down to join us and share the family legacy.  Some of the highlights were learning that from 1969 to 1981, Ike Behar factory made all of Ralph Lauren's shirts.  When they started sourcing overseas, Ike Behar decided to roll the dice and start making their own clothes and have been in Neiman Marcus consistently since 1982!  Such an incredible story and history that we had the pleasure of learning.  We also received an awesome tutorial, demonstrated with the ambassador Joel from What Do I Wear DC on how to tie a bow tie and pack a suit!!  One of the best gifts of the day.
All Photos By:Sebastian Marin
After a wonderful end to our tour of Georgetown, Reston Limo met us again and kindly drove us (and our accumulated swag) to the Renaissance Dupont for some cocktails and brunch bites!
Thank you so much to everyone who made this day such a wonderful success, especially our fearless trailblazers Jessica and Carlis for another successful outing!!! For more information on the shops and great gift ideas for the season, check out the post on each store from our brand ambassadors linked above.  Happy Holidays everyone!!

#GTBloggerCrawl LookBook, click HERE!

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