SpicyCandyDC: Product Favorite: BluDry Tools via PR Partners

Product Favorite: BluDry Tools via PR Partners

on Jan 4, 2015
A little over a month ago, while getting my hair done with my favorite stylist Richard of PR Partners in McLean, we got to talking about blowdrying hair at home, and how difficult it is to recreate the look you get at a salon or blow out bar on your own. Poor Richard had to hear me whine about my inability to perfectly blow dry my own hair, and my long life battles and bad experiences with most blowdryers. I was especially disappointed by the latest one I had purchased a few months back - an infrared with a hefty price tag that promised to be amazing, but wasn't. It damaged my hair in a matter of weeks and never left it looking smooth and shiny. So to my pleasant surprise, Richard proceeded to inform me that PR Partners had just began selling the Bludry blowdryer along with styling brushes. Naturally I couldn't wait to get rid of the infrared and try these new products. At first I didn't think anything of the brushes because to me, a brush is just a brush. Boy was I wrong. Not only is the actual blowdryer amazing (ionic, light, easy to use, and comes with a free diffuser), but the brushes really help with that perfectly polished finish. The large round brush (rock your body) gets my frizzy ends looking shiny and gives my hair so much body. I also really love the Boar Bristle Paddle Brush (work it) I can brush my already blow-dried hair the next day and it leaves it looking like I just got it done all over again - without having to re-do it. Truly a miracle for those of you who understand what it's like to brush out curly hair the next day, even after it's been blow-dried. I'm so thankful to Richard and PR Partners for introducing me to these new products. I was even able to have a perfect blow out in humid Bahamas weather when I took my vacation a little while back - remember this photo? So all in all, I truly recommend any of you who are looking to upgrade your styling routine to try these out. I've gotten tons of compliments in the past month+ and most people think I get it professionally done. So, I'm sorry blow out bars, but I've learned the trick of the trade and will be saving myself a lot of cash money in the new year! ;) You can purchase these products at your favorite PR Partners location - for a complete list click HERE. Happy Styling!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PR Partners/BluDry. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Vivi N. said...

This look is so bad-ass. Great sweater, fantastic booties!