SpicyCandyDC: Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico

Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico

on Oct 26, 2015

There are so many places I want to see in the world but Puerto Rico has been on my check list for a very long time. This past August I was lucky enough to finally travel to Puerto Rico with none other than one of the best travel guides and native Puerto Ricans, my dear friend Jessica of The Dining Traveler! It has taken me forever to write this post because I honestly don't even know where to begin -- the entire experience was absolutely incredible. During our travels, Jess took the time to create a truly unique itinerary that offered a more authentic travel experience including visits to Cabo Rojo, Aguadilla and San Juan. However, the main reason we made this trip was to research the places Jessica wants to highlight in her upcoming book "The Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico". Jessica just launched a kickstart campaign that will help her achieve this dream and I couldn't be more proud. I still remember when Jessica moved back to DC from six years living in Brussels and we discussed our passion for blogging. At that time I don't think Jess realized the amount of work that it really takes to achieve the type of presence her blog has today, but with an incredible level of dedication and passion, she now has one of the best travel/food blogs in the DC area. I've been blogging for five long years and have mentored bloggers who wanted to take their blogging careers to the next level, but Jessica really listened, took notes and ran with it! Through Jessica's numerous travels as a Marine she shared her extensive archives of travel content so I immediately knew she had the experience and exposure that it takes to become a successful travel/food blogger. I always get inspired by people like Jess -- she's fearless, shameless, and passionate. No obstacle is ever too big for the dreams she has set out for herself. I've seen her work harder than most people I know on each and single blog post, social media content, and networking opportunity. So I know that this campaign and book will be nothing short of incredible!

Our time together in Puerto Rico only solidified what I already knew about Jess and her path to success. I left inspired, reinvigorated, and excited for what else is to come from this power house of a woman. In this post I want to share Jessica's video campaign along with a few photos she took of me when we visited San Juan. In the coming weeks I will be sharing more trip details, but I felt it was important to first highlight Jessica's efforts with this campaign.

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