SpicyCandyDC: Black & White Numero TRES

Black & White Numero TRES

on Mar 16, 2010

Hello my lovely friends! so over the past two months Katya and I have shared with all of you some of our fav black and white photos that we use as inspiration, but I keep finding MORE so I cant help but to yet do another post of what its become my obsession, black & white photography. Hope all of you are having a great week!







Sweet Dreams Angels!


Launch Initiative said...

These pictures are FANTASTIC!

What a compilation. Nice work


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I absolutely LOVE black and white photography. The two of you are superstars for creating such a stunning collage - love this!! :)

Maria said...

Lovely pictures ladies! Do you know who that is in the last picture you posted?
xoxo Maria at www.BachmansSparrow.com

Spicy Candy said...

Thanks for the sweet words girls!! glad u all liked this post. ;)

Maria: I saved that last pic a few months ago and got it frim tfs, not sure what the model's name is BUT i'll see if u can find out for you since im curious as well!