SpicyCandyDC: Madhatter Sunday

Madhatter Sunday

on Mar 14, 2010

Everything about today was magical - and a little "mad" at the same time :)
 It began with a delicious brunch at Madhatter in DC http://www.madhatterdc.com/ (which was so appropriate since we planned on watching Alice in Wonderland later).  They just opened at a bigger location on Connecticut and what a transformation!  Here you will find everything from the "upside down room" (perfect for private parties), to all kinds of Alice in Wonderland art work (including the Cheshire Cat who lives on top of the bar), to a very friendly chef, Scott Townend, who definitely makes a mean brunch, oh and who can forget the bottomless mimosas....all for $15/person!!! So after 4 or 5 mimosas.....we decided to find our own "Wonderland"...ok maybe you can't quite call the GW Parkway "Wonderland" but we absolutely adore the views...so had to stop and snap a few photos before heading out to watch the movie - which was awesome...who can resist Johnny Depp as Madhatter?  Ahhh ok...time to wipe the drool off and head into dreamland...in the hopes of finding a tea party :)  Hope all of you had a fun  and "mad" type of Sunday!!!  

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" That depends a good deal on where you want to get to"



Wearing: Forever21 trench coat, black pumps, lace socks, vintage levis jeans, steven black purse



Wearing Yaya dress, vintage blazer, vintage bag (from Amsterdam), and bebe heels!


Upside down room at Madhatter


Carlis + Gracie (our photographer for the day and BFF) + Katya + Tea = Happy Happy Happy!!!


Persian Beauty aka Sal said...

I love the pics babies...and the outfits as usual are stunning...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Grace said...

I enjoying helping you guys with the blog pics. They came out great! YOu guys always do an awesome job with the blog. I had a great time!

Maria said...

Your Bebe heels are AMAZING! love love love!
xoxo Maria at www.BachmansSparrow.com

rick said...

Post looks great girls, love the black and white! Like the shoes also bb both of you looking hot!!!!