SpicyCandyDC: La Passione di Milano Runway Show and Gala

La Passione di Milano Runway Show and Gala

on Sep 28, 2012
What I wore
Dress: Vintage ( Goodwill)
Shoes: Gifted
Purse: VIntage ( Goodwill)
Sunnies: H&M
My Blogger BFF or as we like to call our selves, fashionably Candy lol
Debra is seriously one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! her costumer service skills puts so many to shame! Find her at the Goodwill store in Glebe Rd. ;)
Loved Vivi's dress, check out that smile! :)
Getting ready to do some major thrifting! With Morgan 
Major crush on the details of this outfit. 
With Sweet Shanna, it's always a pleasure catching up with her. 
Last evening I had the pleasure to attend La Passione di Milano Runway Show and Gala! as BIG supporters of Goodwill, we knew this was one event we could not miss. I took my blogger BFF Natalie with me since my blogger partners was unable to attend. We had so much fun thrifting at their pop up shop and enjoying yummy appetizers. The event was well put together and we loved the positive energy the room had. I wore my latest goodwill vintage find! I like the splash of color and the texture the dress has, its also comfy and with the temperatures dropping it was perfect for the occasion.
Happy Firday LOVES!!


Tammy said...

Gorgeous print. It looks like fireworks! 'Cause baby you're a fire...work...!! ;) I also love those studded pumps with it - a nice hard and soft paring. Gift from Zara?

Fashionably Broke said...

eeeeeeeeeeee i love it and i LOVE you!!!!

Vivi N said...

Had a great time at the event and totally happy that I finally got to see you after how many months...? Yeah, unacceptable. All I see is sweat, sweat, sweat no matter on my face in our photo. But it still turned out nicely.

And, finally, I heart your dress! The print is gorgeous.

Maria-Ale of Mars Vida said...

Umm, this silhouette was MADE for you!! Looking pretty Carlis!!

dcgf said...

Thank you for coming out Carlis! It is always good to see you!

La Petite Marmoset said...

LOVE THAT DRESS!!! I love this retro vintage fit on you :) I wish I had been able to go, looks ilke a great time!

jasmine. said...

PLEASE!! ....gimme this dress...iDie...gimme gimme gimme!!! ...lol

Morgan said...

Loved seeing you there!!! Great picture of us :-)