SpicyCandyDC: Meet Our Hair Stylist: Richard Riffe

Meet Our Hair Stylist: Richard Riffe

on Feb 1, 2013
The Stylist: Richard Riffe
Where you can find him: PR at Partners McLean 
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The Before
 photo DSC_0012_zpsc06f5ae9.jpgI've been going to Richard for all my "hair needs" ever since I found out his specialty is working with blonds! I've been a blond pretty much my entire life, well with the exception of when I dyed my hair burgundy red from the box in high school. Oh my...that's definitely NOT going to be a #tbt anytime soon :) So any who, last week I came to Richard with that "please help me, I'm going to NYFW next week look" and he said "this time we're going to do something less pedestrian on you". I almost fell off his styling chair when I heard that term because we all know the DMV could be ohhhhh soooooo pedestrian haha! After a thorough consultation, we decided to go for an ombre type look with some highlights in the front to keep the brightness because I'm really terrified of looking washed out with all those brown roots. So this was a great solution to help my hair rest a little from all the highlights but also gradually move into more fun and less "pedestrian" hair color territory! Oh and when Richard is doing your hair, somehow you end up discussing fashion, entertainment, and his stories from the work he did with Project Runway. Going to see Richard is a treat every time, and I can't wait to go back and play around with hair ideas some more very soon. See photos of my final color at the end of the post!
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As you can tell from this photo I was in major need of a make over when I came to see Richard last week. I've had a bob for so long that it reached that awkward length where I started to look like Dora the explorer haha. As I sat down for my makeover or as they call it "Fresh Look" consultation, I told Richard I wanted to go shorter and lighter, showed him a few photos for inspiration, but most importantly I wanted his opinion. He loved my idea but he gave me that expert look that said "I kind of really want to cut your hair really short". That particular look could instill fear into someone who's had a safe hair cut for a few years, but this man is seriously amazing with the scissors so I trusted him and went along with whatever he had in mind. He was aware that NYFW was approaching so he gave me a hair cut and color that would stand out, but most importantly the cut is very flattering to my face structure, skin tone, and it is extremely easy to style. Take a look at my "after" photos and let me know what you think! I've been getting lots of compliments and I almost feel like a total different person with my new hairdue and I like it! :)
The Process
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The After
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Do you like our new looks?  You too can get a makeover with Richard. Find out more about him HERE! It's hard to find a good hair stylist that you trust and we seriously are thankful for ours -- and let's be real, isn't he H.O.T and so stylish!!?? Once again, thank you Richard for helping us get ready for NYFW ;) 


Waverly said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh LOVE both of them!!!! You ladies look beautiful, can't wait to see the new looks in person :)

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You both look fabulous!

TheFashionablyBroke said...

OB FREAKIN SESSED!!! NYFW here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! XOXOXOX