SpicyCandyDC: Road Trip: Rochester, NY

Road Trip: Rochester, NY

on Jan 31, 2014

Road trips are always fun but the best road trips have to be those you take with your best friends! Our drive to Rochester was simply awesome! We had a gazillion conversations that can prob make a good reality show and a fun playlist to go along with it. When traveling for long hours (in this case eight each way) you want to be super comfortable, especially if you choose to drive to the destination all by yourself. Katya happened to be up for the challenge so she opted for her favorite Drifter hoodie and comfy Spanx tights. I went for a vest that pretty much doubles as a blanket and a pair of stretch jeans I got at South Moon Under a few months ago. We're both rocking our gifted snow boots from Feb 2013 Fashion Week in NY (remember the blizzard?) Now that we're back in DC and settled after all the travel, we're already itching for another road trip!
Rochester, NYC, 073
Rochester, NYC, 026
Rochester, NYC, 066
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Adventures in Repatriation said...

So cute! Thanks for coming all the way north!