SpicyCandyDC: SCDC Events: #PrettyGlamazonOscar Party Recap

SCDC Events: #PrettyGlamazonOscar Party Recap

on Mar 11, 2014
Ahhh Award Season!!! That time of year where despite the cold weather outside, our favorite stars and starlets dress up in clothes we wish we could afford and strut their stuff down the red carpet as we watch in awe and mild envy!!! The outfits, hair, jewelry and after parties are all fabulous to watch but this year we decided to have watch in style with Glamazon Diaries and Pretty Connected who put together a fabulous gifting suite and watch party for some of the areas bloggers and influencers.  So let me start by saying that I was late to the party due to work so I did miss a few of the product reviews but I did catch Lara's Still Standing demo and it will definitely be a new night on the town purse staple!! It is a preventative spray you put on before you put on your heels and it keeps your feet cool and comfortable in stilettos (you have to reapply about every 2-3 hours)!! A tall claim (hehe) but I tried it the next night and was doing great until I missed my last reapply!! I will definitely keep this product on hand (well on foot actually but I digress).
While we watched the show, we enjoyed some tasty wines from Sterling Wines who was kind enough to provide us each with a bottle along with our fabulous swag bags!!
It was great to see other familiar faces like Lashawn of All Things Fashion DC and Angelica of Clarendon Moms with our host Makeda of Glamazon Diaries who was also rocking Calypso St. Barth!!
We took a detour during the party to check out the adorable boutique next door and of course we bloggers love to take photos so I caught this instamoment with Krystin and Trisha.
Upon our return we discovered we had been sent off so the ladies could hit us with an outfit change!! The Calypso was great but the red carpet glam was even better!!
all my girls
We talked, we tweeted, we posed and we laughed the night away!!
Carl Ray, Celebrity Make Up artist, came and showed us some great tips on a flawless face and his product were among the fabulous swag we received at the end of the night!
The bags Calypso St. Barth's contributed were at capacity with all the goodies they had for us.

my girls
As always I had a blast with my Spicy Candy Ladies!! Carlis and Katya always make the night great!
Although unpacking the swag back home was also pretty epic!!

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