SpicyCandyDC: Necklaces & Rings - A Layering Story at She's Unique

Necklaces & Rings - A Layering Story at She's Unique

on Mar 13, 2014
Making videos isn't always the most comfortable of jobs -- you know the whole looking into the camera not knowing what to do with your arms thing -- but when you get to work with your amazing and talented friends doing something you love (in this case showcasing my favorite jewelry pieces from the shop), the result is this fun way of showing you how to layer necklaces and rings! I truly believe a nice layered look can add that special finish to any outfit, especially a basic one.

For this particular layering story I decided to use pieces by two under the radar designers that I absolutely fell in love with and wanted to highlight in this story - Alana's line, Phyllis + Rosie and Sara's line One OAK by Sara. Their designs are chic, modern, and edgy with a sophisticated feel - just what I look for in a brand I want to bring in to the shop and to our DMV area. Both lines are handcrafted here in the U.S using quality mixed metals and stones/minerals, which is also very important for me and my customers. It's no wonder One OAK stands for One Of A Kind, and you know here at She's Unique we wholeheartedly believe every single one of you is Unique and One Of A Kind! So I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as we loved making it!
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Top to Bottom: 1. Tiny Bar Necklace - She's Unique 2. V Bar Necklace - Phyllis + Rosie 3. Traveler Hammered Brass Necklace - Phyllis + Rosie 4. Quartz Brass Bar Necklace - One OAK by Sara 5. Julia Quartz Necklace - Phyllis + Rosie 6. Coin Brass Necklace - Phyllis + Rosie
(All necklaces available at She's Unique) 
All rings available at She's Unique
All Photos By: Sebastian Marin 

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Mona Lavinia said...

AHHHH!Katya, I want every piece. I love that you incorporated minerals. that's my favorite accessory. As I said before I want t special mineral piece from your store . I'm just waiting for the right one to find me. What a great video and thanks for the tutorial. AWESOME STUFF SPICYCANDY