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Beauty: Trish McEvoy

on Oct 29, 2014
I'm no expert in beauty by any means so this post is not something I would normally write about with confidence. However, after many years of experimenting with different cosmetic brands (many ending in absolute waste of time and money), and with the help of friends who work in the field and are kind enough to guide me through the infinite amount of options, I am finally starting to understand the difference between cosmetic brands that say they're "great for your skin" and those that actually are. I was introduced to Trish McEvoy by a friend who works for the brand, and after using the products for a few months I can safely say that Trish McEvoy is pretty much all I need for my daily makeup routine. In just a few short months I can see and feel the difference in my skin, which is not something I ever believed could be achieved with just makeup. What you see in the photos is my very own personalized Trish McEvoy Planner. The idea of having a makeup planner that is compact enough to throw in your bag, but also complete with all your necessities making it the only makeup bag you'll ever need, is brilliant! After my friend Sean Paul personalized this one for me, I hardly use anything else aside from my lipsticks and occasional random products. This planner really does have everything I need all in one place, except the Beauty Balm that I ended up getting in the large size because I'm THAT obsessed with it. My second favorite product is the mascara. It makes my lashes super long and full and I've never used a mascara that comes off in tubes when you wash it off (no messy makeup removers needed here) so it's a win/win. There are times when I leave the house wearing only these two products and I don't feel like I need anything else for a perfect daytime look. The planner has many other things in it like a brush and lip gloss, and every single product is personalized to match your skin tone and preferences. This was truly a beautiful discovery for me and hope that it will be for you as well! To learn more about Trish McEvoy products, brand philosophy and to find a store near you, click HERE.
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Anonymous said...

I love Trish McEvoy products and lucky you-Sean Paull is amazing . Her skin care is also to die for. Enjoy being a Trishette!