SpicyCandyDC: She's Unique + Rock Yo Rizos

She's Unique + Rock Yo Rizos

on Oct 29, 2014
When I got word that the BFF and Jess Hoy were working on kicking off the first ever Blogger Crawl event here in Old Town, I was ecstatic. Naturally, I've always been a huge fan of small businesses partnering up with local bloggers (I just so happen to be on both sides and understand the importance of these type of collaborations) and this was a perfect opportunity to bring both sides together in a beautiful fashion. Our blogger ambassador for the evening was the lovely Mel of Rock Yo Rizos. Mel and I met when she stopped by the shop this summer - we instantly connected on our love of fashion, jewelry, and curly hair. I absolutely love Mel's style and the beautiful aura she brings with her when she walks into the room -- I mean let's talk about that incredible hair and smile! She loved the look and philosophy of our shop as well as the product we offer to our customers - dainty, wearable, trendy jewelry. Our partnership for the event, and the outcome of the evening only solidified what I already knew, both of our brands together are a match made in heaven. I can't wait to collaborate with Mel again in the future and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our evening through the mini guide!

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