SpicyCandyDC: GET FIT: ClassPass DC Launch

GET FIT: ClassPass DC Launch

on Oct 23, 2014
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Live the sweaty life !  I spent a night on the rooftop with a group of girlfriends , a mat , H20 , dumbbells and a DC view that was a marvel of a background. Thanks to ClassPass for Launching in DC and setting the tone with a great evening !

Location: SCULPT DC in Penn Quarter
Class: Sculpt 360
a fast paced , full body workout that combines the best of cardio , strength training and yoga. Hand weights help target all the major muscle groups . The Exercises including squats, lunges , jumping jacks biceps curls in between your downward dog yoga , warrior & crescent poses. The class was a blast full of high fives, sweaty hugs and a namaste. My core thanks you Sculpt DC .
Gear: NIKE
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ClassPass is like a gym membership for those who love boutique fitness studios. You pay a monthly fee of $99 and have access to a variety of specialized fitness classes. Im gonna say ClassPass is a major player in the fitness scene when it come to booking. So many options on one list, not only will this completely switch up the way you workout but think about you making moves in the fitness community and showing support to all the great boutiques. You're getting more social and diversifying your workouts. I always love the feeling of entering a boutique I have yet to try , it gives me this rush and excitement and aways motivates me to crush my workout.
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Having the option to all these great classes on ClassPass is not only great for you socially , visually  , but most definitely physically . Your body craves on new movement ,  changing up a workout not only helps change the body but it keeps it guessing and working harder for a burn. Always push past your comfort zone . Take that Barre class that you know will burn your inner thighs but will be so rewarding once its done.
Go out there try out new boutiques , meet new people and enjoy a good sweat session. Live the sweaty life .

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