SpicyCandyDC: SCDC Get Fit : Grip the Mat presents BENDY BRUNCH at the historic Wonder Bread factory

SCDC Get Fit : Grip the Mat presents BENDY BRUNCH at the historic Wonder Bread factory

on Oct 2, 2014
I've been neglecting my yoga practice recently so when I had the opportunity to attend GRIP THE MAT Bendy Brunch at the historic Wonder Bread Factory as part of No Kings Collective 5 year anniversary project 100% BREAD I was ecstatic. The universe as always makes things happen for me when I most dearly need it. I took this opportunity to set an intention for myself and reflect.
Grip the Mat is a yoga social events company encouraging a well-balanced, light-hearted , healthy community. 100% Bread is a group exhibition pop up art project celebrating the idea of "making it" in art. #hustlebaby . It's only right that the Grip the Mat Duo be part of this project as they combine yoga , art , music , food & drink in a visually stimulating environment. Explore your doshas before sipping mimosas!
I attended the event with my lovely friend Tammy we were greeted with an array of Kind Snack bars which is #kindawesome . The music set the tone within the whole factory , I was feeling a sense of bliss. It was a Sunday the sun is shining and I was about to have a mind & body experience in a room filled with art.
The place suddenly fills up with yogis of all different levels our host for the day Ashley & Christy give us a intro to the class technique VINYASA, where you link your breath to the movement. Get ready to sweat, it didn't take long to feel the heat. Both instructors have their own voice, a calm & nurturing demeaner as well as being detailed and thorough when explaining the movements. The duo walked around the class to  assisting the yogis posture/forms. As a seasoned yogi this is always welcomed.
The purpose of this experience was to balance your doshas, promote your well being while squeezing out those stale toxins in your ligaments , increase your flexibility and relax. I've been literally running around the city 5-6 days a week pounding my feet on the pavement my legs have been so sore and TIGHT I needed this, the benefits are immense.  I'm telling you after the 50 minutes of yoga you'll feel like zen ninja  ready to conquer the week.
Once we finalized our session it was brunch time !  I'm talking a whole hearty tastefully light meal, mimosas & refreshing Honest Tea Lemonade. As all the yogis share the space and enjoy each others company I took time to smile and remember that today I started day expressing gratitude to my body by staying healthy and surrounding myself with positive beings. Namaste to all you Health Warriors!
ALOYALLOVE_GRIPTHEMAT_39Photos by Tammy of A Loyal Love
If you missed this event no worries GRIP THE MAT is hosting a Vinyasa to Vino event October 9th & October 23rd. The Vinyasa to Vino will be held at the Hierarchy, an art gallery in Adams Morgan . Yogis will be surrounded by the artwork from James Kerns exhibition Whiskey, Delta , Charlie. You can find out more Here.

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