SpicyCandyDC: Dine Out: Eat STK

Dine Out: Eat STK

on Nov 6, 2014
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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having a ladies night media dinner at STK in Dupont.  We had an adorable booth, round table style, to eat, drink and be merry!!  The wonderful thing about being hosted is that we got to sit back and enjoy the culinary ride!!   We started off with their house made bread that comes in it's own little skillet and dripping with house seasoned butter.  Everyone enjoyed their sparkling wine, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.
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After we toasted, the food began to arrive starting with the salads.  We had the mixed green salad with demi sec cherry tomatoes, aged asiago and sherry emulsion.  My main choice was the hearts of romaine, with garlic crouton and parmesan lemon dressing.
STK, Spicy Candy DC, Food 021
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STK, Spicy Candy DC, Food 037
Next came the main event!! Steak of course, a strip steak to be specific, cooked medium and accompanied by a sauce plate that included chimichurri, au poivre, horseradish (my fav), blue butter (also AMAZING), bearnaise, red wine, STK and STK Bold.  Along for the ride was the delicious and juicy brick roasted chicken  with spring vegetables, maitake mushroom and jus.  My favorite though was the Chilean seabass (cause I love steak but I'm realizing I love fish more).  The seabass sat atop ratatouille, and tomato ver jus.  My dad has always told me a variation of "When in Rome" when it comes to eating out.  You don't go to a Cuban restaurant and order the burger!! So normally I'd say if you go to a steak house, get the steak!!  For STK, I will happily make an exception to that rule and say go to STK and get the seabass, it's a steakhouse with more than just steak!  The accompanying sides were the sweet corn pudding, mac & cheese and Parmesan truffle fries.  All were delicious and variations that I felt were uniquely well done!
STK, Spicy Candy DC, Food 039
We ended the meal with some pumpkin glazed doughnuts with bourbon sauce and caramel sauce.  We also got to try the carrot cake with pineapple filling, citrus brown butter glaze, vanilla ice cream. YUM!!
STK, Spicy Candy DC, Food 044
Thank you STK for having us out for such a wonderful night and thank you to our wonderful server who helped us to have such a delicious culinary journey. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by STK. The opinions are completely our own based on our experience.

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