SpicyCandyDC: One Scarf, Three ways!

One Scarf, Three ways!

on Jan 18, 2015

In this outfit post I want to show you my fave ways to style a scarf. With winter being here in full swing, a scarf becomes one of your main accessories so have fun changing your look by the way you wrap or tie your scarf.

1.Belt it!
I've been doing this look a lot and keep getting complements every time I go out. My preference is to belt the scarf with a skinny belt, mostly because my torso is very short soI don't think a thick belt would be very flattering for my frame, but it can totally work for you! Don't be afraid to experiment this look with either size belt.

2. Infinity wrap
This look is easy -- all I did is wrap my scarf three times around my neck. I wear my scarf this way mostly when it's really cold outside to cover my ears, mouth, and keep my neck warm.

3. Cape wrap
I find this look very sophisticated and very appropriate for a business meeting or even an interview. I forgot my brooch to finish this look but you can also do it without (as pictured here), but if you do have a nice brooch at home, definitely use it! :)
All photos by:Jessica vanDop (The Dining Traveler)
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