SpicyCandyDC: Beauty Brunch at Salon Nordine & Day Spa

Beauty Brunch at Salon Nordine & Day Spa

on Feb 18, 2015

Another day, another spa visit....that's just how we roll :) Just kidding, but seriously last week's Beauty Brunch at Salon Nordine & Day Spa was a major highlight in our week.
We were kindly invited to spend our Sunday morning at their gorgeous space while being pampered with services like blow outs, mini massages, and manicures. It was such a nice way to mingle with other bloggers and get to know the salon's brand philosophy, the creative stylists behind all these beautiful styles, and the owner's vision. We are truly lucky to have so many incredible beauty places within minutes of where we both live. Definitely adding Nordine to our list of favorites. If you live in VA, this is a must visit.
Salon Nordine is located in the Mosaic district -- a shopping destination that has so many wonderful boutiques we love such as our favs ANTHOM and South Moon under. If you can make a day out of it; make sure to also grab dinner at True Food and catch a movie (plus drinks) at Angelika. A perfect Sunday Funday if you ask us ;)

Photos by: Lisa Chiu


Tanvi Rastogi said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Love y'all's hair!

∞ tanvii.com ∞

Christopher R. Britt said...

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