SpicyCandyDC: Modern Latino Cuisine at Toro Toro

Modern Latino Cuisine at Toro Toro

on Feb 19, 2015

There are many adjectives I’ve used to describe a restaurant. Most of them are food related. However, the main adjective that comes to mind when I think of Toro Toro is sexy. As you enter the black lacquered walls, the cowhide upholstered bar stools, and the feel the heat of the grill, you suddenly feel a little sexier.  Toro Toro is a restaurant by Mexican restaurateur Richard Sandoval which serves modern Latin dishes. From Mexican asados to Peruvian ceviche, it’s a virtual culinary trip via the rich flavors of Latin America. The food married with its surroundings, make it into the perfect place for a date night or a ladies’ night out.
Toro Toro is a place where you skip the wine list and indulge the delicious cocktails.  I started my evening with a passion fruit pisco sour. Passion fruit + pisco = pretty much two of my favorite cocktail ingredients!  The way it was prepared was pure perfection.  The Dutchman being a big fan of gin had the raspberry Collins.  The cocktail has a feminine pink hue but my man shamelessly downed two of them.  I usually associate gin with more citrusy fruits or cucumbers but this was a delicious surprise.

We shared a selection of appetizers, which included crudo snapper (raw strips of fish), Acapulco shrimp cocktail, grilled octopus, and plantains topped with beef cheeks. The winning touch of the ceviche was the kale oil, which perfectly balanced the fish. The marinated shrimp was good but nothing you can’t make at home.  The grilled octopus was nice and tender with a great smoky taste of the grill.  Although all the appetizers were good, the plantain cups were the winner in my book. The sweet ripped banana filled with meat took me back to the Caribbean.

Dining Traveler Tip: Go beyond your comfort zone when dining out. Try things you wouldn’t make at home!

For the main course, I indulged in the shredded grilled pork in a bed of refried beans topped with fresh chiles, cucumber, and onions. The spiciness of the topping was balanced by the refried beans and the pork was tender and juicy. It was a great combination. We culminated our dinner with their signature dessert called “bomba”.  We did not know what to expect as our table was completely cleared and was covered in cellophane. Our server appeared with a beautiful chocolate ball filled with ice cream, pieces of chocolate cake, fresh berries, and even edible flowers. The waitress carefully dropped the delicate chocolate ball on our table.  The process was beautiful to watch but there were too many flavors involved for my taste.  On my next visit, I will make sure to have the coconut flan, it sounds delicious!

Photos by: The Dining Traveler
The Verdict:  Toro Toro is the perfect place for a date night or a dinner with the ladies before a night out. The sexy décor, the cocktails, and the carefully crafted appetizers will get your evening started.  
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