SpicyCandyDC: Xtreme Lashes with KARMA Beauty Lounge

Xtreme Lashes with KARMA Beauty Lounge

on Mar 17, 2014
About a week and a half ago I decided to finally get my Xtreme lashes that I won as a giveaway gift at the CapFABB/Karma event we attended a few months back. I was excited about the prospect of waking up with fuller and longer lashes every day and not having to put mascara on for weeks, but I was also a little apprehensive about this process at first since it was something I haven't really heard of before. But Laura at Karma Beauty Lounge is a true professional and made the whole experience super easy and pleasant. A little less than two hours later, I was feeling totally 'Flawless' as our girl Beyonce would say :)

Here are some things you need to know if you're considering this service:

1. Be ready to spend about an hour and a half to two hours getting them done - each lash is attached individually, crazy I know! 
2. Only get them done by a certified professional like Laura - you do not want to take the risk of them being done the wrong way
3. You will start to shed some lashes during the weeks to follow - but that is a natural part of the process just like we shed our own lashes naturally, you will just notice them more because they're longer and darker 
4. To keep this look you will need to refill them every three weeks or so but it's much cheaper to refill than to have them done the first time, so it's a great alternative for those who could really use longer, fuller lashes on a permanent basis without the mess that comes with fake lashes
5.  Since I have pretty full natural lashes of my own, I decided not to refill them but I'm absolutely loving them so far - it definitely cuts down your time when getting ready -- I haven't worn mascara in weeks! 
6. The lashes look very natural but of course with that extra pizazz! I have noticed people starring at me a little closer lately … I really don't think the Xtreme lashes are going to be anyone's little secret for too long!

If you want more info on the process or other services, head over to Karma Beauty Lounge and make your appointments. Their entire team is absolutely amazing and you will walk out of there feeling like a total celebrity!
KARMA Entrance
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KARMA Beauty Lounge by Erwin Gomez
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Another one of my favorite service at Karma is eyebrows with Erwin. He is the ONLY person in years who truly understood the shape of my eyebrows and was able to fix them. I'm forever thankful to his amazing talent, my eyebrows are finally amazing once again!
(getting them done here at the CapFABB event)
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Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

All that time still looks worth it for real looking extensions!